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Monday, December 11, 2017

Bombay Brasserie Returns

Bombay brasserie is back with an applomb and what a come back in this all new avatar.
Its situated in KP Nitesh Hub and the first thing that makes you go aww is its swanky, pretty, classy and laid back pristine white ambience.  The greens and blues adding to the lovely zing and pretty floral motifs lending a fresh look.

I fell in love and how .. and to say this was just the beginning..
Bombay Brasserie prides itself in its menu being sourced from the far fetched corners of India and what you can expect is amazingly mouthwatering finger licking dishes from the kitchens of the era gone by reflecting the classic heritage of India and beautifully so.
Its like exploring India and travelling through it via your taste buds at this amazing place. I must say the journey is astoundingly wonderful.
Right from the drinks, appetisers, main course, desserts.. everything was on point.. it is definitely a rare gem in the world of designer stones..
Have a look with me and be ready to be mesmerised.
 Firstly, their menu is so vast it actually comes in a directory kinds. You sure are going to take some while you decide what to have because each and every dish is really outstanding.
I personally loved and I mean loved everything I had and I did have a vast spread.

Pauwa chadhake aayi πŸ˜‰
We started with these pauwa cocktails which came with their own chakhna (nibbles) in cute suplis.. 
Especially the Go Goa Gone.
Ain't they cute especially those country bottles. 
Highly highly recommended... 

The 6 Chutney Papad Tokri. 
Rs 225 
This humble papad chutney combination was so delicious. Loved their chutneys especially the mango, tomato and imli. 
Highly Recommended for a right start with your drinks or just to work up your appetite. 

Lucknowi Paraath Paneer 
Rs 325 
Melt in your mouth paneer coated with Lucknowi garam masala infused with poppy seeds.
Such robust flavour. 
Highly Recommended for veggies. 

Calcutta club Fish Fry
Rs 345
Perfectly crispy fried fish served with the famous Bengali Kashundi (mustard dip) and grilled ananas alphonso salsa. 
What burst of flavours. 
Must must try for fish lovers or even for those who dont like it much ❤❤

Kashmiri Naan Kebab 
Rs 445
Look at that plate. 
Its love at first sight. All were literally drooling looking at this beauty. I, myself have never seen such a big seekh kebab ever. 
The hand ground mutton mince with perfectly balanced spices, juicy and so yummy. The taste was further taken notches high with saffron brushed naan served with doon chetin a sweet Kashmiri based creamy yogurt dip. 
This was epic. 
You have to try this. 
Highly Highly Recommended. 

Pahadi Mushroom 
Rs 295 
Honestly this didnt feel like mushroom at all. 
It was so juicy, soft, tender and flavoured with pahadi masala and spiced chilli yogurt. 

Rajputana Soola Kebab 
From the lands of Rajput. Have a taste of their hunting trips prepared in their shikaar masala and blow torched right in front of you served with mint dip and mango chutney. 
Loved it. 
Highly Recommended. 

Galawati Kebab 
Rs 525 
Especially created for the old Lucknowi Nawabs. 
These melt in the mouth delicacy is super super soft.
This awadhi minced mutton delicacy is an all time favorite over here. Balanced flavours which are soft on the palate and still so good. 
Highly Recommended

Chilli Cheese Kulcha 
Rs 195 
Behold all cheese lovers for this lovely small package contains oodles and oodles of yummy cheese infused with a hint of chillies. 
Missing Bombay's cheese chilli toast anyone?

Aam Papad Paneer 
Rs 275
Straight from Amritsar chatakedaar aam papad flavours, which you never can get enough. 
Paneer and lotus stem tossed with special sundried mango and street food spices directly sourced from Amritsar. 
This was so good, tangy and all flavours in between. 
Vegetarian or non vegetarian one really needs to try this. 

Naga Ghost Chicken Wings
Rs 295
Spicy bhoot jholokia (naga chillies which are 40 times spicier than tobasco) lend their heat to this dish. Smoked and roasted. 
Normally they turn down the heat but i asked them to make it spicy and it was a bomb. 
Fire in your mouth was the aftet taste - so good. 
Must must try for the spice lovers. 

Rajasthani Dungar Maas 
Rs 485
Another famous delicacy from Rajputana. 
How beautiful is red meat in this fiery Mathani jodhpuri chillies. 
I would definitely order this again for the main course. 
Highly Recommended.

Home veg curry and Banana Leaf Rice
That coconut milk flavoured rice in the banana leaf was a outstanding. Simple food at its best. I just couldnt stop having it by itself. 
Must Try. 

Crispy and flaky chur chur naan another favorite and must try. 
I even tried the Dum Ki Kali Daal.
Creamy, smoky and so earthy, lightly flavoured and the flavour of black lentils kept intact. Richness of home made butter.  Highly Recommended  

Grandma's Choco Treat
Rs 195
Sugar paratha from childhood transformed to chocolate and hazelnut overload. 
Lovely warm desserts are this especially with chilled vanilla ice cream. So homely and so lovely. 
Highly Recommended 

Bombay Ice cream Sandwich 
Rs 165 
Imagine all your favorite childhood biscuits sandwiched with ice cream. 

Amritsari Kulfa 
Rs 245 
Dessert fit for Kings and Queens. 
Royal dessert on a plate. 
Kulfi, creamy rabdi on a bed of Badami phirni with Faluda topped with rose syrup. 
This was Faluda brilliance. 
We hogged and finished it as soon as it arrived. 
Highly Highly Recommended.

This meal was one of the best ones I have had in recent times. The food, ambience, service and the whole experience was sheer brilliance. 
This will definitely remain etched for a long long time to come. Bombay Brasserie no wonder was, is and will remain a favorite for many. 
I, myself am a big lover of it. 

Do try the Bombay Brasserie Magic and fall in love with it. 
Nitesh Hub 
North Main Road, 
Koregaon Park,
Pune - 411001


Thanks Shivangi for inviting me and being a perfect host and Bombay Brasserie for an amazing time and an awesome culinary journey. 

P.S This tasting was on invite but the views and review is strictly my own based on my experience. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Travelling Flatbread Festival at 212 All Day Cafe Bar

212 All Day Cafe Bar is hosting - THE TRAVELLING FLATBREAD FESTIVAL for 2 weeks with a specially curated menu consisting of 9 fingerlicking recipes inspired globally yet local at heart. 
I quite enjoyed this journey which literally takes your taste buds around the world and quite deliciously I must add. 
I liked all of them honestly however I will definitely rank my numero uno just for you guys to try. 

Firstly, What is a Flatbread? 
flatbread is a bread made with flourwater and salt, and then thoroughly rolled into flattened dough. Many flatbreads are unleavened — although some are slightly leavened, such as pita bread.
a type of flat, thin bread made without yeast (= a substance that makes bread swell and become light)

Now lets see these yummy creations.
The flatbreads were lovely and crispy. 
And balanced the toppings perfectly. 

The Meat Special
Chicken Bolognese 
Rs 595 
Spicy minced chicken with Mozzarella and those assorted colourful bell peppers added lovely colour and flavour.  
This was a table favorite and how can one not love those tangy and spicy bolognese flavours balanced with that gooey Mozzarella. 
Highly Recommended. 

The Norwegian - Smoked Salmon 
And Cream Cheese 
Rs 595 
Minimilastic simple flavours. 

The Swiss - Asparagus and Bell Peppers. 
Rs 495 
Emmental cheese and Plum tomatoes
Another rustic, simple and lovely creation. 
Everything was used to the right proportion and not over the top to attain that light yet perfectly balanced taste. 

The Turk - Lamb Kibbeh and Roasted Garlic
Rs 525 
The meat balls were so juicy and perfectly spiced and flavoured, the sauce of those plum tomatoes giving a lovely light sweet tangy flavour with the cheesiness of Mozzarella. The crunchy onion rings thrown in for that lovely sweet spice factor. One bite and it left you asking for more. Lot more. 
This definitely was the Numero Uno for me. 
Highly Highly Recommended 😍

The Italiano - Sundried tomatoes and Jalapenos. 
Rs 495 
On the bed of that yummy plum tomato sauce again with my favorite sumdried tomatoes, capers, Jalapenos - this one boasted of lovely rich tangy, salty and a bit of spicy taste with that creamy rich Bocconcini cheese. Believe me it was rustic Italian and so simple yet so amazing. 
Loved it ❤

The Parisian - Truffle Oil and Mushroom
Rs 495 
This had one word - creamy. 
What else do you expect from a fine amalgamation of Parmesan, Mushroom Ragout and Spinach. 
This was veggie magic. The taste was polished just like a Parisian and the dish was too polished as soon as it was served. 
This was definitely a Numero Uno in the veg selection. 
Highly Highly Recommended πŸ˜πŸ‘

The Mexicana - Nacho cheese and Crushed Tortillas. 
Rs 495 
This was a complete flavourful veg nacho bursting with tomato salsa and kidney beans on the flatbread.
Need I say more ... 

Middle Eastern Classic - Baba Ganoush and Hummus 
Rs 495 
Creamy Bacconcini cheese coupled with perfect creamy hummus and that puree of sweet lemony aubergines with pickled veggies. 
Treat for the middle eastern food lovers. 

And that ended our journey on a good spirit with all that bread well we did wash it down with a monstrosity Monster Shake. 

Yes thats yours truly in all my glory πŸ€“πŸ€£πŸ™ˆ

So rush to 212 All Day Cafe Bar and enjoy this festival till it lasts. 
Let me know how it was.
Until next time.
Bye guys πŸ‘‹

P.s. a big shout out to Svetlana, Karthik for inviting and hosting me. 
This was a tasting on invite. The views expressed in this post are completely mine based on my experience. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Why Girls Love Winter / Autumn

Winter is magic and why you ask - Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.- Edit Sitwell 
Winter is time to warm the shackles of our heart, for that cozy touch and cold breath to mingle by the hot bonfire.. 
Winter is for so many things and quite a favorite with all the lady folks.
Listen carefully its not a hoax. 

Hot Chocolate 
Date with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Reading in a warm spot all tucked in. 

Playing footsie with cutesie leg warmers and socks 

Soupy mugs .. 

Winter comfort food
Hot bowls of Maggi and momos for those hunger pangs.

coffee dates and long drives

Hot coffee 
Now who doesnt need a warm hug in a mug.

Sweaters and beanies.. 
Lets remove our winter layers stash - those cute pullovers. 

Early morning tea time whilst taking in those warm sunrays 

Bbq nights

And the stories and music and all the fervour around it all.. 

Cozy candles

Cozy chilled afternoon naps or just tucking your toes in your favorite blanky- nothing can compare to those warm snuggles. 

Winter sales
Winter is the time to shop with crazy sales and offers everywhere.
Lets loot... 

Festive fervour..
All the festivities in the air..  

So enjoy the winters and everything along with it.


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