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Thursday, May 4, 2017

PA PA YA- Palladium Mall - Lower Parel - Mumbai Food Story

Mumbai is the city of food lovers... the food mecca... the place where traditions, cutting edge technology, taste and innovations live in harmony. The master of street food and the ace for big brands and massive restaurants all share space here.
Who won't love this place and who doesn't... I have still not met anyone who is not impressed by the culinary experience of this city.
I myself love the food and the myriad dining experience Mumbai offers. I am always drooling for more so when I was invited for the first time for a food tasting along with my blogger buddies and that too at an acclaimed place Pa Pa Ya located in Palladium mall. Well you can just guess the excitement quotient.
We were the first group of bloggers from Pune visiting Mumbai with pride and excitement and complete enthusiasm we embarked on our gastronomic adventure.
No sooner than we reached the place we were completely refreshed inspite of the long journey just experiencing the chic radical and modern ambience.
Pa Pa Ya - The Modern Asian Bistro - venture by House of Massive Restaurants (credited for acclaimed ventures like Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra and Farzi cafe)
Reinventing the Asian cuisine on a global scale , a sensory experience like never before.

Assimilation of various cooking techniques and cultures get together here in the melting pot of molecular gastronomy with modern and latest technology.
After experiencing this wonderful enticing vibe we were waiting in  anticipation to indulge in some revolutionised Asian cuisine.

One look at the menu and we knew this was nothing ordinary, The menu devised is completely original, developed with intensive research.
Each dish has a unique flavour and combination with utmost attention to minute details.
The presentation of food is tapas style which offers the diners an ability to enjoy a vast range of dishes in the right portion size, creating a true sensory dining experience.
They use organic and fresh produce sourced from the region of origin throughout Asia, in their most authentic form, in some cases even rare in variety and for them to reach in their
freshest variety, ensuring that freshness of each ingredient used across the expansive menu is maintained at all times.
They offer classic dishes retaining their original essence, enhanced using elements of modern cooking techniques.
As if all this was any less, we had a special menu curated just for us by the senior chef ( now imagine what that could be, why imagine let me show you.)

Amuse Bouche

The first thing that came to our table was served to us in sea shells in white soft smoke on a bamboo raft like thing. Talk about drama and this sure was a curtain raiser for the experience we had in store and a perfect one if I may say so.
Watermelon cubes in a froth and they were nice and welcoming. Spectacular way to kick start. 

Kale and Pakchoy Dimsums 
Veggies and mushrooms with gaozi dressing served with crispies and spicy garlic pods. 
Unusual yet tasty ... vegetarians will surely love it. I really liked it myself. 
Must try 

Mandarin zest infused Lamb/goutie vegetable 
Perfect made soft juicy dumplings with a spicy dip and wasabi jelly with chilli guava pickle.

Salmon Uzukari
Salmon made in Konnyakykai, tomato, basil, jalapeno relish and garlic.
This one has an after taste to it. 
I am not a fan of fish in this way but others seemed to really enjoy it. It definitely packs a punch once you eat it. 

Urmaki Sushi
Rice on the outside with seaweed on the inside stuffed at the bottom topped with deep fried greens, sesame served with wasabi. 
Perfectly rolled veg sushis. 
These one were really nice. 
Must Try 

Cheese pakoda 
I loved these ones, they were so cheesy, creamy, tangy and topped with mayo. 
Highly Recommended 

Tiger Prawns 
Big juicy prawns on the bed of pea jus with dehydrated pineapples, garlic topping with mayo drizzled. 
This one was another favourite.. 
Highly Recommended

Beer Battered Tacos 
Stuffing of Beer battered avacado, corn and scallion khimchi. It's made up with Gyozo sheets which are used to make dumplings. 
These become all the more yummy with mozzarella topped on it. 
A perfect Japanese, Mexican Indianised tacos. 
Must try... 

Fried Bombay Duck 
Perfectly Crispy Fried Bombay Duck on the bed of mashed potatoes with mustard and a lovely garlic sauce on top. 
Crispy, creamy potatoes and spicy dip... all elements were perfectly balanced. 
All of us had our hands busy with this and mouth stuffed. I am sure people who don't eat Bombay Duck will fall in love with it after having this dish. Infact one of us who doesn't have it also gorged on the entire piece looking at us devouring it with such gusto and she was glad she had it ... 
Highly Highly Recommended

Lamb Rendang Curry 
Soft and moist lamb shanks perfectly cooked in a lovely thick Indonesian curry with Singaporean Prata (Parotha - bread). 
This was another amazing dish and although I was so stuffed with the vast amount of food we managed to consume, I couldn't help but lick my fingers clean... 
Highly Recommended 

Pad Thai Noodles 
I loved the stone in it came and quite like noodles and was looking forward to it. 
These ones didn't quite meet the expectation. I found then quite ketchupy and tangy sour. 
Not my kinds. 

After so much food we still had room for the desserts. 
The desserts we had heard are outstanding and they definitely were more than we expected. 
The dessert section has been recreated, presenting some of the most iconic desserts from the Continent, having been completely twisted on their head and presented in a very fun, innovative and engaging way, making it an exciting experience for those with a sweet tooth and even those who are adventurous & love to tread into the unknown.

Molecular Dessert with Pannacotta 
Nothing short of drama. 
The vanilla ice cream was made on our table with liquid nitrogen. Be ready to be tickled and feel the chilled gas over you ( I got startled when the chilled gas tickled me ) 
The ice cream was so good especially coupled with all the crunchy nuts and paired with the Pannacotta. 
We actually had a second helping of this. It was so so good. 
Highly Highly Recommended 

Chocolate Ball on Fire 
What a way to end a fabulous meal. 
A big ball of chocolate stuffed with vanilla ice cream and chocolate ganache is served on choco cookie mud with almonds and cashews. As soon as the alcohol is poured on it the ball opens up to all the goodness. 
It is served with chocolate sauce and nuts on the side to balance the potency of alcohol. 
This was one of the amazing chocolate balls on Fire I have had. 
Highly Highly Recommended 

Now after so much to eat, it definitely requires something to glug along the way and knowing me and my cocktails.. how can i leave them out.
Their range of cocktails is vast and innovative which have been given the same tender, love and care as the cuisine, applying extensive use of molecular mixology.

I tried a couple of them and they were really well presented and really yummy.

Lemongrass infused vodka, galangal, Orange and pineapple juice. 

This one was with whiskey and Bailleys cream... must have and look at all that drama.

 I definitely loved my experience at Papaya and you should definitely try it for yourself first hand. Most of the things i ate over here are must try snd that happens honestly quite rarely. Focusing on a modern sensory culinary experience with the cuisine served, ambiance and restrained elegance,
Pa Pa Ya endeavours to offer a holistic dining experience. Pa Pa Ya offers a befitting tribute to the refinement and extensive cultural legacy of the Asian Continent.
Pa Pa Ya is not just redefining Asian cuisine, it’s Asian Cuisine – Revolutionised.

Thanks Team Pa Pa Ya for having us. It was an amazing food coma you induced and one that I will remember for a long lo g time. 


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Italy Via Punjab Review

I love my food a bit Indianised, masala marke.. be it any cuisine I love a bit of Indian taste to it (now don't we all do). I have forgotten how many number of times I have told the server please make it extra spicy or added condiments like no ones business ( completely guilty but hey I am being honest now ). 
Dil se Desi forever.... 
I love Chindian crazy and I add Indian spices to my pastas πŸ™ˆ 
So when I heard about this place Italy Via Punjab i was surprised... now all Indians love Punjabi food ... so just imagine coupling two of my loves together. 
I was dreaming about two rich cuisines and imagined dollops of Makkhan and cheese as their amalgamation ❤❤❤
Excited to try this place and wanted to see whether it matched my expectations. 
I embarked on this journey... 
So you are coming with me right πŸ€” ? 
Then let's go πŸš—

It has a lovely rustic ambience with hand carts for tables and drums for seats... The place has dhaba type setting and seating. And not only that it is completely VFM on your pocket just like a dhaba and that too serving huge portions.

The chef and owner Ninad Joshi is the man behind it all. He has curated the entire menu and believe you me the menu is huge with vast variety. He has come up with genius fusion dishes as well as has ample variety of Punjabi and Italian Classics. Kudos !
Coming to the main part... 
Gimme food. 

Here it comes ... 
To chill that Summer heat... 
Brownie shake Γ nd KitKat shake... 
Rs 130 and Rs 120 each. 
They were really yummy and completely filling and at that price. 
I would have really enjoyed them Had they been chilled or cold. They were served luke warm and honestly I don't like the smell of luke warm milk and saying that still I finished half of it ... that means they were really yummy. 

Peppered tomato Bruschetta 
Tomato, basil and Mozarella over a garlic naan. 
It's like masala papad meets Bruscetta. 
I really liked it... only thing they drizzled tad too much olive oil on it. Which was actually dripping on the plate as we ate. 
Must try but please let them know to go a bit light on the olive oil. 

Chicken Olive rolls
Loved these... 
Olive wrapped in chicken marinated in pesto sauce and grilled to perfection. They are served with pickled mayo ( had this foΕ• the first time) 
The mayo has distinct taste of kairi ka achar.. 
The chicken was succulent and tender with Italian flavours of olive and pesto perfectly grilled in tandoor and served with achar mayo... what perfection ... what fusion ... 
Highly Recommended 

Rosemary Murg Kebab.
Tandoori grilled chicken with a subtle hint of Rosemary. 
For those who like their meat with subtle taste.

Kheema Bolognese... 
The kheema was nice and masaledaar. However I found the spaghetti too dry. 

Paneer Tikka Canelloni 
Rolled pasta with paneer tikka served in that delish sauce with baby garlic naan. This was an amazing amalgamation of true Italy meets Punjab.  The fusion was superb and blended so well ... each bite was #chakdefatteitalianpathe

Classic Italian Pasta. 
Using their finest cheese sauce made with mozzarella. 
For the cheese lovers... 

Chicken Cossentra 
Chicken roulade stuffed with mushrooms, olives and parmesan, served with mango salsa and butter garlic tomato sauce. 
I fell in love with this dish as soon as it arrived and couldn't wait to have it... 
Looks are deceptive and this sure was the case... I don't know whether I was having a bad day or this dish... but I didn't like anything about it. The chicken was drizzled with mango syrup which made it sweet along with the tomato sauce which was too tangy and this combination just didn't work for me. The rice was undercooked and I didn't fancy the bread ... I will give this a miss... or may be another try to be just... but this time It sure wasn't a success... 

Baby Corn Saag Chilly 
Loved this one. 
Sweet baby corn in a creamy spinach gravy.
Just wish it had more baby corn. 

Dhania aur Chaaswala Gosht 
Tender meat on the khatta side with buttermilk and green spices. 

Masala Chai Pannacotta 
Imagine your favourite masala chai in a nice wobbly Panacotta with mango sauce. 
I honestly didn't like the bitter flavours of the drink in a sweetdish. 

Btw I almost forgot to tell you how much in love I was with their plates which were super pretty. Check in all the food pictures and observe the plates. I am sure you will agree with me. 

I went Desi for this one ...i wanted to feel part of the character... so dil se Desi 😜
So that was it... there were too many things to have but we were so full. 
It's a very interesting concept with some amazing dishes. Do give it a try if you are in that area.

Address: Shop no 4, Nine Hills, Near RIMS International School, NIBM, Pune.
Timings: 11:30 to 11:30
Contact: 02065207477/9011512076

Until then it's me signing off. 


P.s the review was on invitation however the views expressed are solely mine based on my experience. 

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